Pool Repair

Pool Repair for Pool Leaks


Pool repair happens with all swimming pools.  In Florida, there are many swimming pools because of the weather and pool repair is needed when concrete pools have a pool leak.  If a crack in the concrete is longer then 24 inches, you may be looking at possible structural problems that will need a pool repair person to fix.  In these cases simply patching the pool will not work.

Patching or do it yourself pool repair for a small crack will require draining the swimming pool below the level of the crack that is causing the pool leak.  You will need to use the proper patching materials and material for proper pool repair.  You will need to create a fresh edge for patching the pool leak in order to adhere the materials. Once the crack is widen slightly, you can dampen the concrete and work on the patching compound.  Be sure to smooth the edges using the mason towel. The key for pool repair and pool leaks is to get the crack repaired early before it becomes a major concrete problem.  Same for Spa leaks attached to your swimming pool.

If your going to need to drain your swimming pool to do pool repair for pool leaks, call a specialists.  You don’t want to cause more damage.   It is costly to drain the pool and refill the swimming pool.  This is a good time to check all the areas that pool repair companies understand.  By examining the pool, you should be able to spot future pool repair problems before they occur and become more costly.  Blue Ribbon Pools is a specialists in pool repair and pool leaks along with spa leaks and repair.  Call and they can give you a fair price and free estimate.  Since we are local, we can be counted on to be there if any problems occur after the work is completed.